Voice technologies change how customers interact with brands.

We are Upside and we bring your business to voice platforms.

Our services.

Voice Interaction Design

Voice interactions are completely different from mobile and web user interfaces.
We take modern and solid approach to building Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) to open another vertical for your business to grow.

Voice Strategy

In 5 years most of the interactions between customers and brand will be driven by speech. We help you design, test and implement voice strategy that can help you business to stay ahead of the competition and get on the voice market first.

Voice Skill Development

We specialize in creating strategies and developing voice interactions on platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana.

Why voice user interfaces.

Inspirations for Voice App Development

New channel of interacting with your customers

Bring interactions with customers beyond their computers and smartphones.

Hands-free experience

Let your customers use your services while driving a car or doing housework.

Stay ahead of competition

Make the best use of emerging technology to stay innovative.

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A story of great relationships.

I've worked with Rafal and Kasia on multiple software initiatives as a product owner. Not only are they exceptionally talented at developing software, they also know what it takes to deliver a highly-successful customer-facing product. Most importantly, they are great people that care deeply about the quality of their work.
Julien Greco
Julien Greco
Senior Product Leadership

Our workflow.

Discovering how to create voice interfaces that resonate with your customers and serve your business. We'll help you choose a platform to reach you customers and prepare a strategy of using voice in your industry.
Design &
We understand how voice user interfaces (VUIs) work. No matter what platform you choose, we know how to handle entire creation process. From designs, through testing to development. Working in lean, we make sure we work together with your team, test often and iterate quickly.
Deployment &
We’re fluent in how deployment and certification process works. Getting your applications to stores, maintaining it and making sure it has all it needs to be installed by your customers.
Once the voice application is up and running, we take care of gathering user data and analysing it so you have a better insight into how your application is performing and how it’s used.

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