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Mineski Global

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Mineski Global, a listed company with five different divisions - Academy, Talent, Tech, and Spaces - under its umbrella, has successfully expanded across Southeast Asia. Over the past few years, Mineski has expanded its scope. While the company originally focused solely on hosting esports events, it now also provides several digital offerings to its B2C and B2B partners.

One of the products that we developed through our partnership with Mineski is MGames - a white-label platform that offers competitive, “Play to Earn” games. The model has proven to be incredibly engaging; we’ve seen high levels of community participation, with many players creating Youtube videos that explain how to progress within the platform.

In addition, Mineski, together with its partners, hosts various online live events that feature live commentary via Facebook. Top leader board players on the platform receive invites to participate in these special competitions.

The platform is offered as a white-label model to partners, such as LYKA (the fastest growing social media platform in the Southeast Asian region) and GCash (the largest payment provider in the Philippines). It is also offered by Mineski directly as a B2C model in five APAC countries.

Now that you’ve got a bit of context, let’s look at some numbers.

Mineski Global

In numbers

Unique users
Exclusive games
Social media followers

Mineski Global operates in 6 countries - Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Hk/Macau with over 10 millions unique users and astonishing social media followings above 45 millions.

The MGames platform stand alone handles above 1 million unique active users with over 200 exclusive games. Another interesting fact is that Oppo mobile device manufacturing company promote MGames platform within shops on exhibition.


Upside was responsible for discovery phase and Design process, end-to-end development of the platform in collaboration with Mineski’s backend team. Due to our experience with games as passionate we were able to have constructive conversations about the future of the platform and suggest proactively the best solutions for upcoming features.

Breakdown of our work

  • Multitenant - since the platform is meant to be deployed to multiple partners, we implemented a model allowing us to conditionally enable certain features. We also provided integrations with their systems
  • Webview integration - the platform can be embedded via a webview, which differs slightly from building traditional web applications.
  • Internationalization - with the growth of the platform, we needed to enable multiple languages inside the platform. We provided a set of tools for Mineski’s translators that allowed us to manage translations and synchronize them with the application in an easy way.
  • Error handling for mobile devices - especially for bad mobile connections, we had to implement failover scenarios that mitigate potential issues (e.g. when someone pays for a game, but is then not able to play the game due to connection error)
  • Supporting multiple mobile devices - both iOS and Android. The major challenge turned out to be supporting old versions of Android.
  • UX at scale - everything needs to be intuitive, to limit the amount of support required from Mineski’s team, this include extended onboarding process for new users.

Technologies we used

Nuxt JS
Amazon Web Services


Despite all of those challenges we managed to launch MVP within 3 months of collaboration. It is still an ongoing project developed by Upside.

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