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How Deltabadger bought its users $6.5M worth of Bitcoin


Backend development

Frontend development



Have you ever thought about investing in crypto currency but felt overwhelmed about where to start? Or maybe you’re concerned about security – you probably don’t want to purchase crypto with your hard-earned money only to mistakenly send that crypto to the wrong place.

We had an opportunity to design a platform – run smoothly by bots - that would handle all of the hurdles related to getting into crypto. Meet Deltabadger.

Deltabadger is a platform that uses bots to automatically buy your desired cryptocurrency for you. Simply choose which currency you’d like to purchase and how you’d like to purchase it, and the rest is taken care of.

Our unique system for handling crypto currency investments is derived from dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy, which is popularly used in volatile markets. DCA builds portfolios by investing equal sums of money at regular intervals, regardless of an asset’s price or the macro conditions affecting the overall market. The DCA strategy isn’t particularly flashy, but it’s the most reliable investment strategy for long-term savers.

We’re also proud to be able to offer Deltabadger’s services for free (with just a few limitations on the volume you can spend within the application).


In numbers

Active bots
Worth of bitcoin purchased

By October 2021, Deltabadger ran 1,329 active bots. From their first active day onwards, bots bought 120.4 BTC (roughly $6.5M) via the platform. Of course, Bitcoin is hardly the only cryptocurrency out there, and Deltabadger’s bots buy and sell many other coins – this means the platform’s total trading volume is substantially larger than $6.5M. You can observe those figures live on


Upside was responsible for end-to-end development of the platform, based on designs provided by the client, and for offering support through its DevOPs expertise in Agile methodology.

Breakdown of our work

  • Ensuring reliability and failover scenarios when interacting with multiple third-party APIs (e.g., Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin, Gemini, Kraken, Bitfinex, FTX, Bitso, BitBay, which are the platforms that handle transaction processing for bots and feed real-time fiat values to the application)
  • Provide scalability during the platform’s high-growth period (by March of 2021, the platform had added as many users as it did for all of 2020)
  • Ensure email deliverability of messages originating from crypto-related sites (accomplished via a dedicated address IP in Sendgrid)
  • Handle possible damage caused by spammers and malicious users
  • Craft UX for BTC payments
  • Provide counteraction for spam filters

Technologies we used

Ruby on rails
Amazon Web Services


Despite all the above challenges, we manage to launch MVP after just three months of collaboration. It remains an ongoing project being developed by Upside.

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