Case study

How SimOptions Increased Conversion Rate by 17% Through Improving End-to-End Customer Journey


UX/UI design

Software development consulting


SimOptions is a cutting-edge marketplace dedicated to providing international travelers with convenient access to SIM and eSIM cards. Recognizing the vital importance of staying connected in today's digital age, they emerged as the go-to solution for travelers seeking seamless internet connectivity abroad. By offering a curated selection of the most competitive data packages at unbeatable prices, SimOptions eliminates the hassle of hunting for suitable SIM cards upon arrival in foreign countries. With SimOptions, travelers can embark on their journeys with confidence, knowing that staying connected is both effortless and affordable.


UX/UI - completely revamp the checkout process and significantly improve the user journey

Branding - create a new look and feel for the brand and website, enhancing its modernity and appeal

Software Development Consulting - to guide the implementation of new design and front-end solutions, boosting website performance and functionality


In numbers


SimOptions faced several critical challenges that needed attention to maintain competitiveness and trust in the market. The primary issue was the website’s outdated design and issue to effectively explain what an eSIM is and how it works to potential users. Despite strong SEO efforts, the website’s slow performance significantly undermined its activities. The pressing need for modernization was clear, not only to keep pace with competitors, but also to enhance user engagement and retention on the website. Furthermore, with plans to create their mobile app, it was an opportune moment to diversify touchpoints with users. This emphasized the necessity of a comprehensive strategy to revitalize their online presence and ensure readiness for new digital ventures to grow their business even more.

Breakdown of our work

Designing an intuitive user flow
We developed a new user flow that encompasses the entire customer journey, from visiting the website and differentiating the offer to the new checkout. By mapping the flow, we ensured that user goals were met, detected potential bottlenecks, and minimized the need for customer support assistance. 

We introduced a completely new logo, design system, and brand-fresh look for the website. Previously, the website predominantly featured blue, making it challenging to differentiate SimOptions offerings. We introduced a color duo - violet for eSIMs and blue for regular SIM card offerings - to diversify the look and feel of the product. The creation of the design involved designing numerous components, but our primary focus was on intuitiveness, ensuring that users could easily select the best solution for their needs.

Brand-fresh front-end solutions
We implemented proper caching and page pre-generation, significantly improving loading times, while our modern approach to asset compilation reduced the site's footprint. These improvements not only elevated the user experience and overall site efficiency, but also positively impacted SEO, thereby reinforcing the client's existing efforts in this domain.

Technologies we used

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD


Our collaboration with SimOptions resulted in exceptional outcomes, culminating in the launch of a redesigned website with a new checkout system.

This project was especially rewarding, providing us with the opportunity to craft a consistent vision across the brand, website, future mobile app, and marketing activities, ensuring a cohesive user experience across all platforms. For SimOptions, operating at a significant scale, it was essential to modernize the presentation to align with the rapid growth of the eSIM industry. The introduction of a refreshed website directly led to a significant increase in conversion rate and boosted their SEO rankings. This collaboration not only met its needed objectives, boosting SimOptions business, but enabled mutual learning and growth.

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