Introducing VoiceCommerce.js

Rafal Cymerys
Rafal Cymerys
July 31, 2018
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We're happy to announce the first version of our open-source tool for integrating eCommerce with voice-enable assistants.

VoiceCommerce.js is a JavaScript library that makes it easy for developers to build Alexa Skills and Google Assistant Actions for Vue Storefront stores.

Why Voice in eCommerce?

Domino's gets 20% of their orders via Alexa.

When they launched Alexa skill, a huge part of their customers shifted to this convenient way of making orders. Domino's also noted an increase in the number of orders made by users who order with voice.

Why? Because it's so simple.

Frictionless Purchasing

Enabling customers to purchase via Alexa is the ultimate optimization of checkout process.

Smart speakers are always there in their living rooms, waiting for command. They make purchasing as simple as saying Alexa, tell Domino's to order the same pizza as the last time.

Push Notifications

Smart speakers bring a new channel of communicating with your customers.

You can use the push notifications mechanism to let them know about the latest deals or to notify them that their order has just been sent.

Key Features

In the initial release, we focused on making it easy for developers to bootstrap their first voice integration.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Account Linking Out of the Box

Connecting voice assistant to an account in eCommerce store is a must to make purchasing possible.

Both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant let developers make use of account linking to let users sign in to an external service.

VoiceCommerce.js brings implementation required for linking Alexa/Assistant with Vue Storefront stores. No need to implement OAuth2 yourself.

Common Purchasing Scenarios

To make it easy to get started, VoiceCommerce.js brings ready-made implementation of common voice-purchasing scenarios:

  • Repeating the last order (reordering)
  • Getting summary of the last purchase (to check status etc.)


Jovo is an open-source framework for developing cross-platform voice apps.
VoiceCommerce.js is fully compatible with Jovo.

It's also our recommended way to get started.

Coming up

The next key features on our roadmap are Amazon Pay and Google Pay integrations.


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