Design Lab Berlin - Challenges in Designing for African Markets

Rafal Cymerys
Rafal Cymerys
July 1, 2020
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Last November, our CTO Rafal Cymerys joined Berlin's Design Lab meetup.
Together with Jonathan Gall, they shared some insights on designing digital products for African markets.

Most of digital products built these days focus mostly on European and American markets. When designing them, we can often rely on well-known patterns. But are these patterns still relevant if we're building for other markets?

With booming economies in Asia and Africa, we will soon need to be able to design for them as well. During our talk we're going to share lessons learned from building a premium e-commerce and logistics platform for West-African markets.
We're going to cover major differences and challenges that we faced during the process. From payments to managing day-to-day interactions of customers on the platform, working on this project proved to be an opportunity to deploy carefully created custom user-experiences.

The recording is now available here:

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