Create For Voice Meetup #2: Developing for Amazon Alexa

Kasia Cieslak
Kasia Cieslak
September 27, 2018
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In the middle of September we had another chance to boost awareness of Voice First technologies in local community. The second "Create For Voice" meetup took place on Sept 20th and was dedicated to developers interested in finding out more about voice apps development.

To recap: The first edition focused on designers and took on the topic of designing voice user interfaces.

Leading topic and surprise!

The meetup addressed the most common questions that developers run into when setting their steps in voice apps development:

  • what's the development environment of Alexa Skills?
  • how to start building your first Alexa Skill?
  • what's inside Alexa Skills Kit?


During the meetup we created a chance to play around with Echo Dot devices. We installed a bunch of fun (and some useful too) Skills just to tried out.


Apart from smartspeakers, one of our Dots was paired with Echo Buttons - an Alexa gadget for games.


During the meetup, we hosted two speakers from Upside: Kasia Kurzyńska (Senior Software Developer) and Rafał Cymerys (co-founder and Head of Engineering).

Kasia Kurzyńska - "Alexa, say hi! - intro to Alexa for developers"

During Kasia's talk we dived into first, essential steps of any work with smart speaker:

Rafal Cymerys - "Alexa Skills Kit - a deep dive into its features and current limitations"

Rafal's talk covered the details of Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) - what's available for developers, what are the limitations of current technology and how developers work around it.

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