Case Study: Winderen

Rafal Cymerys

Tue, November 5, 2019

Delivering premium online shopping experience in equestrian industry

Winderen partnered with Upside to deliver a new shopping experience for a premium equestrian equipment brand.

As the first equestrian brand that moved away from traditional brick-and-mortar sales and built their business solely on online direct-to-consumer sales, Winderen needed to build a premium online shopping experience that goes along with the brand.

Winderen Desktop

Premium customer experience

Building trust and confidence to help customers make purchasing decisions

For Winderen, online channels are often the first touch point with a customer. Their online store needs to convey the same experience as their products - high quality, beautiful, with a premium feeling.

We rebuilt the website with that in mind - starting with clean design, through interactive product pages, ending at optimized site performance.

Data-driven usability design

Adapting to customer behavior

As an industry pioneer in e-commerce, Winderen faced many questions regarding how to design the right online shopping experience. Data was at the center of design decisions.

By analyzing data in site monitoring and customer support tools, we were able to gain a firm understanding of Winderen's customers and their needs.

Winderen Mobile Experience


Letting customers shop where it's most comfortable for them

Due to outdoor nature of their sport, equestrians turned out to vastly prefer mobile devices over desktop. Winderen's shopping experience was designed with mobile-first approach, optimized for smartphones.

This led to increased engagement and conversion rate from the target customer demographics.

Our contributions

  • UX Research
  • Design
  • Frontend development

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