Powering Up Voice Commerce on Bixby

Kasia Ryniak
Kasia Ryniak
October 23, 2019
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Voice Commerce has been raising in the awareness of businesses worldwide over the past years. However, to deliver great voice commerce experiences two things are crutial: deep domain knowledge on how e-commerces operate and expertise in crafting modern customer journeys with the help of technology.

This fall Upside joined forces with Divante, a top eCommerce agency to deliver an innovative experience combining AI-powered voice assistants with mobile & PWA experiences based on Samsung's technology.

Giving Voice To E-commerce

Imagine a world where the majority of your requests can be handled with just one sentence - whether it’s asking for information, making a decision or purchasing. That's all becoming possible with the growing range of voice-powered devices and advancements of the technology behind. Smart assistants are more available and smarter. Voice-powered devices can understand customers' requests and seamlessly execute it.

So how, in a voice-first world, online shopping transactions will look like? Are voice commerce and voice payments going to be our new future, and if so, how can your online business stay ahead of the curve?

Why Bixby?

“We found Bixby an ideal Voice Assistant for eCommerce” says Tom Karwatka, CEO of Divante.

Bixby gives e-commerce what has been missing so far - an ability to be right next to the customer when they need that - no matter where they are and what device is in short proximity.

Voice interactions combined with modern mobile web fit very well into the lifestyle of modern customer, an “on-demand” culture and desire to operate within a united system. With the newest integration between Samsung's Voice Assistant - Bixby, PWA solution for e-commerces - Vue Storefront and major e-commerce engines (like Magento) we're ready to venture onto the path to modern commerce. A commerce that is no longer restricted by device and situation.

"We also see great value in Bixby’s Preference Learning and Highlights that provide the best options to end-users based on past purchases. That is a tremendous opportunity for brands to grow their business.” adds Kasia Ryniak, Upside's co-founder.


Building Omnichannel Experiences For The Modern Customer

E-commerce integration with Bixby allows brands enhance your brand’s customer journey with voice interactions. Based on Bixby and other solutions from Samsung brands can now create truly omnichannel experience - with IoT, e.g. Family Hub fridge as a touchpoint to customer journey.

With a number of Bixby-enabled devices brands have the ability to interact with Clients in the moments that were missed in traditional models, e.g. while driving or working out. Right now, those micro-moments can also be accommodated as a chance for interaction.

Bixby fits where mobile and web can’t. It doesn’t replace known interfaces but enhance them with new kind of interaction. Bixby is everywhere - on your mobile, in your smart TV, your watch, fridge. With the entire ecosystem of Bixby-powered Samsung devices we can be sure that asking washing machine to order washing powder or asking fridge to add eggs to shopping list is a reality we’re stepping into right now.


Seamless Transactions With Samsung Pay Services

Voice Commerce can only work while integrated with semaless payment services. To allow users to pay for purchases, Bixby provides native integration of Samsung Payment Services (SPS). Bixby's implementation supports payment gateways like Adyen, Authorize.Net, BlueSnap, Braintree Blue, Braintree Orange, Merchant e-Solutions, Stripe or WePay.

Learn How To Leverage Voice Commerce on Bixby During SDC 2019!

This October designer, developers, and technologists meet at Samsung Developers Conference 2019 in San Jose, USA, and bringing insight on emerging technologies.

Upside and Divante will be available throughout the entire Samsung Developer Conference 2019 to present eCommerce integration with Bixby that allows to enhance customer journeys with voice interactions.

Let's meet: schedule a 15-minute-long meeting with the team during SDC!

Discover Upside and learn more about SCD 2019, Divante and Vue Storefront.

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