Create For Voice Meetup #1: Designing Voice Interfaces

Kasia Cieslak
Kasia Cieslak
July 31, 2018
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Community building is a very important step in introducting new concepts to the market. There was no community around voice in Poland so in Upside we decided to create one!

The first meetup under "Create For Voice" brand happened on 17th July 2018. It was dedicated for learning more on voice assistants and their place in business.

Leading topic & audience:

The meetup focused on designing voice user interfaces and was made for designers and early-adopters of the technology. To our huge surprise it gathered more than 40 people who decided to spend their afternoon learning more on voice.


Major topics covered were:

  • how is smartspeakers market doing and what are the trends ?
  • how to design great Voice User Interfaces ?
  • what are the constrains while working with smartspeakers and how to overcome them ?


We had two speakers from Upside: Kasia Ryniak & Rafał Cymerys and an online guest speaker: Vasili Shynkarenka, co-founder and CEO of Storyline.

Rafal Cymerys - "The state of building for Alexa and Google Assistant"

During his talk Rafał made an introduction to voice market worldwide explaining what is the ecosystem around voice assistants and what are the major limitations the technology has:

The State of Designing for Alexa and Google Assistant

After Rafal's talk we had a chance to connect to Vasily, co-founder and CEO of Storyline - a tool that enable everyone to build and deploy Alexa Skills. Vasily told us a fantastic and insightful story on "The future of voice and unique insights from having 2,500 Alexa skills published to the Alexa Skills Store through Storyline."

You can check Storyline here:

Kasia Ryniak - "How to create a "personality" of voice app"

Kasia's talked cover the introduction to Voice User Interfaces design process with the focus on creating personality of the voice app:

Designing Voice Applications

Next meetups:

On September 20th we're organizing another meetup! This time it will be dedicated to developers willing to start developing for Amazon Alexa.
Check out event page on our Facebook!

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