Vue Storefront Development

Vue Storefront is a next generation PWA frontend, that delivers lightning-fast performance and modern customer journeys on top of headless e-commerce architectures.

At Upside, we work closely with Vue Storefront to help our clients build modern solutions. We're also the creators of the official Spree API connector integration for Vue Storefront.

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Vue Storefront Development

Collaboration with Vue Storefront

When working on our composable commerce stack, based on Spree at its core, we noticed that there are no PWA solutions that support Spree out of the box.

To help our customers stay up-to-date with the latest trends, we built our own, open-source connector for Vue Storefront and Spree. It is now the official integration, used by developers around the world to deliver delightful experiences for complex marketplaces, international e-commerces and other businesses that require Spree's flexibilty to support their business models.

Key Benefits

Customer-centric experience

Modern web framework, enabling complex customer journeys

Blazing-fast performance

By using PWA technology, Vue Storefront delivers excellent performance

Native app functionalities

Including push notifications, offline mode and on-device caching

Jonathan Gall

Jonathan Gall

Head of Platform at Yoonema

After a year of close collaboration with Upside, we couldn't be more satisfied with their professionalism and the quality of their service. Upside provided us a real boutique experience, as they tailored their offer to our needs, scaling accordingly to our challenges. What we enjoyed the most was their ability to internalize our vision and be proactive in their advice and assessments. Building our e-commerce platform and having worked for some of the most prominent technology companies in the world, we knew we wanted a partner that could match our speed. We found in Upside that partner. Our platform is live, growing exponentially and gaining a lot of traction in our target demographic.

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