Based on years of experience in working with both enterprises and SMEs, we help our clients build digital products for the modern age.

Agile End-to-End Processes

To help you achieve great results in a rapidly changing reality, we base our collaborations on principles of Agile Software Development. We iterate fast To help you move fast, we incorporate open-source and partner with SaaS companies to integrate their tools into our solutions. This allows us to deliver results faster, with the minimum time required for MVP sometimes as short as 2 weeks.

Depending on your needs, we can support you with all stages of the development process: requirements analysis, design, development, and deployment. We bring-in our project management principles to make the work and outcomes transparent and predictable for you.

Business- and Result-Oriented

To ensure our client's success, we align our work around business objectives. We incorporate design thinking at the heart of our development, to ensure meeting desired outcomes.

Our team is experienced in consulting and working directly with stakeholders. This lets us shorten the feedback loop and ensure smooth collaboration.

Flexible Working Arrangement

Depending on your needs, we can work on a per-project basis or become your long-term partner. Regardless of the model, we operate basing on milestones to keep ensure clarity on short-term and long-term goals.

We can either handle projects end-to-end, but we are also experienced in working alongside internal teams, supporting them in delivering complex projects, and allowing our clients for effective resource allocation.

Jonathan Gall

Jonathan Gall

Head of Platform at Yoonema

After a year of close collaboration with Upside, we couldn't be more satisfied with their professionalism and the quality of their service. Upside provided us a real boutique experience, as they tailored their offer to our needs, scaling accordingly to our challenges. What we enjoyed the most was their ability to internalize our vision and be proactive in their advice and assessments. Building our e-commerce platform and having worked for some of the most prominent technology companies in the world, we knew we wanted a partner that could match our speed. We found in Upside that partner. Our platform is live, growing exponentially and gaining a lot of traction in our target demographic.

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