Deliver great customer experience while reducing amount of work done by your agents.


Automate common scenarios

Handle majority of support requests from your customers without agents.

Shift towards async communication

Move communication to channels that are more cost-effective.

Agent handoff when needed

Requests that cannot be handled automatically can still be transfered to an agent.

How we do it.

Cloud-based or on-premises

Depending on your needs we can use technologies made for your infrastructure.

VUI Design as core process

We apply the latest voice user interface design practices to deliver natural experiences.

Inbound and outbound

We build solutions involving both scenarios directions.

How we work.

Our mission is to help brands embrace innovative technologies.
Depending on your needs, here's how we can collaborate.

For companies who look for a trusted partner:

Our team of experts will help you with the entire process of voice-enabling your brand.
Well help you with creating a strategy, designing voice interactions, prototyping and developing fully-functional software.
We'll also support you in further maintenance and optimization.

For companies who want to build skillset internally:

We will will work alongside your team, bringing expertise and good practices.
While working on your products, we'll help you set up the tools, processes and build prototypes and develop production-ready solutions.

For companies who want to learn more about working with voice:

We'll organize an internal training for your team, that will give them an unique opportunity to get a hands-on experience in designing voice user experiences.

Our clients include.

A story of great relationships.

Upside's contributions to the project’s scope and optimism in the face of demanding situations made it possible to have the MVP ready within a short timeframe. Their responsive team was easy to work with.
Jan Klosowski
Jan Klosowski
Co-Founder, Product Dojo
San Francisco, CA
I've worked with them on multiple software initiatives as a product owner. Not only are they exceptionally talented at developing software, they also know what it takes to deliver a highly-successful customer-facing product. Most importantly, they are great people that care deeply about the quality of their work.
Julien Greco
Julien Greco
Senior Product Leadership
New York, NY

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