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To help our clients capture opportunities brought by the shift to online channels, we leverage headless architecture to deliver marketplace solutions.

We work closely with Spree Commerce core team, which we often use as a base e-commerce component for our tech stack.


Spree has been a valuable part of our tech stack, helping us build e-commerce products that require large amounts of flexibility.

Our team members are active contributors to Spree. Over the years, we added multiple features improving the open source product, including implementing APIs allowing Spree to work in headless mode and building an integration for Vue Storefront. We are also a member of Spree's Partner Network.

Key benefits

Fast Time-to-Market
By combining various tools in headless architecture, we're able to deliver first iterations in a matter of weeks, not months.
Composable commerce makes it possible to build complex scenarios, including subscription e-commerce, marketplaces or solutions involving international logistics.
Omnichannel Solutions
With the API-first approach, it's easy to add new storefronts, mobile apps or IoT experiences. All of them can work together to provide a consistent experience for the customer.
Upside Lab

A Story of a Great Relationship

After a year of close collaboration with Upside, we couldn’t be more satisfied with their professionalism and the quality of their service. Upside provided us a real boutique experience, as they tailored their offer to our needs, scaling accordingly to our challenges. What we enjoyed the most was their ability to internalize our vision and be proactive in their advice and assessments. Building our e-commerce platform and having worked for some of the most prominent technology companies in the world, we knew we wanted a partner that could match our speed. We found in Upside that partner. Our platform is live, growing exponentially and gaining a lot of traction in our target demographic.

Jonathan Gall
Head of Platform at Yoonema

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Technology Consulting

MVP Commerce development

Yoonema grows loyal customer base and is able to seamlessly operate a complex logistic chain.
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