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Marketplace Development

To help our clients capture opportunities brought by the shift to online channels, we leverage headless architecture to deliver marketplace solutions.

We work closely with Spree Commerce core team, which we often use as a base e-commerce component for our tech stack.

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Collaboration with Spree

Spree has been a valuable part of our tech stack, helping us build e-commerce products that require large amounts of flexibility.

Our team members are active contributors to Spree. Over the years, we added multiple features improving the open source product, including implementing APIs allowing Spree to work in headless mode and building an integration for Vue Storefront. We are also a member of Spree's Partner Network.

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See demo: Vue storefront + spree

Key benefits

Fast Time-to-Market
By combining various tools in headless architecture, we're able to deliver first iterations in a matter of weeks, not months.
Multi-vendor at core
We work in close collaboration with Spree Commerce, which is one of the most common tools for building marketplace solutions.
Headless architecture
By using headless architecture, we can deliver modern customer experiences leveraging tools like Vue Storefront.
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