Our services.

Strategy for Google Assistant in Your Business

We'll help you better understand voice assistants and present you inspirations how to introduce your brand into Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Actions Design

We take modern approach to designing actions for Google Assistant to create voice applications that your customers will love.

Google Assistant Actions Development

With solid engineering approach, we'll build your actions for Google Assistant and integrate it with your existing products.

The Upside Way.

Customers choose Upside to stay innovative with outstanding Google Assistant Actions.
Here's what you get when working with us:

Innovative strategies for voice-enabled products

You can rely on our experience with voice assistants. We'll help you find the right way to introduce Google Assistant Actions for your product and services.

Customer-centric design

When designing Google Assistant Actions for your business, we strongly rely on your customers' feedback. This lets you deliver even more value to them.

Solid engineering approach

During the process of skill development, we use modern software engineering practices to build software that's reliable and easy to improve in the future.

Lean and agile methodologies

To let your company innovate fast, we use short software development cycles. This allows you to quickly release your Google Assistant Actions and gather analytics data for further improvements.

A story of great relationships.

Upside's contributions to the project’s scope and optimism in the face of demanding situations made it possible to have the MVP ready within a short timeframe. Their responsive team was easy to work with.
Jan Klosowski
Jan Klosowski
Co-Founder, Product Dojo
San Francisco, CA
I've worked with them on multiple software initiatives as a product owner. Not only are they exceptionally talented at developing software, they also know what it takes to deliver a highly-successful customer-facing product. Most importantly, they are great people that care deeply about the quality of their work.
Julien Greco
Julien Greco
Senior Product Leadership
New York, NY