Upside is a digital innovation studio, helping businesses succeed by implementing innovative technology solutions.

Mixed Reality

Working with partners like Nreal and MobiledgeX, we help companies around the world build immersive products combining the real world with digital experience.

With experience in developing AR glasses-enabled solutions, we can help you design and implement innovations improving production efficiency, like remote assistance and predictive maintenance on factory floors.

Case Study: XO.

Mixed Reality game showcasing 5G and Edge Computing.

Edge Services Integration

Edge computing brings resources for compute-heavy tasks closer to client devices. As a partner of MobiledgeX, we help our clients with designing architectures utilizing combinations of Edge and Cloud infrastructures.

We can help you build scalable solutions for use cases requiring minimal latency like video analytics or mixed reality experiences synchronized between multiple devices.

Case Study: Edge API Platform.

Real-time video and voice AI services running on the edge.

Software Development

A rapidly changing world requires businesses to innovate smarter and faster. With extensive knowledge of the latest technologies supporting mobile and web experiences, we help our clients build a competitive advantage by reducing time-to-market.

We use modern methodologies like Agile Software Development and Design Thinking to make innovation predictable and ensure a smooth transformation of ideas into successful implementations.

Case Study: Yoonema.

E-commerce and logistics solutions for West African markets.


The world is now more connected than ever, allowing your customers to interact with your services in a variety of ways.

By working with hardware partners, we help our clients deliver connected digital experiences that span across multiple modalities. This allows them to connect in the most meaningful moments, using voice, augmented reality, or home appliances around them.

Case Study: Samsung SDC.

Voice-enabled solution boosting customer loyalty in grocery delivery.

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