Use cases & inspirations.

Remote control

Voice technologies are perfect for controlling devices around the house. There's no physical remote that people need to have nearby, they can just say out loud what they want to do.

Smart homes

Imagine that saying "Alexa, we're getting ready for work" turns on your coffee machine, rolls up the blinds and turns on the TV on morning news. By using it as a bridge between IoT devices, your products can offer a true smart home experience.


When installing new devices in your home it's sometimes difficult to hold an installation manual in your hands. Guide your customers through this process with interactive voice applications.

They already offer voice apps.

New opportunities.

Build IoT products of the future

Your customers expect more than devices controlled with mobile apps. Let them see the full potential of your products when they can control them with voice.

Extend beyond remote control

Voice assistants bring the smart home experience beyond simple remote control. Let your customers control their homes, not only single devices.

Integrate with other services

Smart speakers are a perfect bridge between IoT devices and other services, like cable TV for example. Together with smart devices, they can offer rich smart home experiences.