Publishing companies engage with their audiences in a whole new way using voice assistants.

Use cases & inspirations.

Morning newsflash

Smart speakers are a great way for people to access the news when getting ready in the morning or driving a car. Voice assistants offer a great way of finding interesting articles hands-free, without scrolling the screen.

Personalized and interactive radio stations

Voice assistants bring radio to a whole new level. Besides just listening to the news, well-designed radio apps for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant allow listeners to ask about news on particular topic. They can also bring personalization, known from online media, to the radio experience.

News alerts

With push notification mechanism, known from mobile devices, your audience can request for certain news to be delivered right into their smart speaker residing in their living room.

They already offer voice apps.

New opportunities.

Engage your audience outside of their smartphones

People use smart speakers mainly for getting information when their hands are busy. Be where your audience is.

Right into their living rooms

Make use of the push notifications feature to deliver personalized news, right into your audience's living rooms.

Radio station of the XXI century

Leverage the latest advancements in technology and deliver the best possible experience to your listeners.