Use cases & inspirations.

Ordering products or services

Voice assistants are perfect for making small purchases without taking out mobile phones. They're great for repetitive purchases, like ordering someone's favorite pizza or the same detergent as usual.

Purchasing ebooks and music

Smart speakers work great for delivering audio content. Voice assistants, that are integrated with them, offer the perfect way for purchasing such content.

Delivering information about special offers

With push notifications mechanism, you can let your customers subscribe to information about special offers. They'll get this information right into their living room.

They already offer voice apps.

New opportunities.

Make shopping even easier

Customers trust voice assistants to make small purchasing decision for them. Let them make small or recurring purchases at your store using this emerging technology.

Purchases without smartphones

Smart speakers are always there, listening for their users' command. Enable your customers to make purchases using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, without the need to open their phones.

Engage with customers

Make the best out of the new marketing channel to keep in touch with your customers and engage with them using voice interface.