Customer service departments use voice assistants to make support easier and more accessible.

Use cases & inspirations.

Providing instructions and manuals

Make your instructions and guidebooks more accessible through voice interface. Let your customers access help when they have their hands busy or don't have their phone nearby.

Answering frequently asked questions

Let your customers direct common questions to voice assistants, to reduce the number of customer service calls you receive. If the questions turn out to be more complex, voice assistant can redirect such inquiries to a real person.

Checking account balance

Enable voice assistants to answer questions regarding account status or balance. Let your customers access these information when they're driving a car or when sitting on a couch.

They already offer voice apps.

New opportunities.

Reduce amount of support calls

Direct simple customer support requests into voice assistants. Let them resolve most issues before your customers call you.

Make accessing information easier

Enable your customers to access information about their accounts and subscriptions using voice assistants.

Provide help when they need it

Let you customers access manuals and guidebooks without reaching for their mobile phones.