October 2019

Powering Up Voice Commerce on Bixby

Voice Commerce redefined? This fall Upside joined with Divante to deliver an innovative experience combining AI-powered voice assistants with mobile & PWA experiences based on Samsung's technology
September 2019

The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Voice Commerce

Rising adoption of voice assistants brought a new hype - Voice Commerce. "Wouldn’t it be great if customers could purchase our products by using their speech only?" "What if
April 2019

5 Ways How Brands Can Create Voice Customer Experiences

The constraints made by the limitation of graphical interfaces slowly disappear while AI gets smarter and conversational interfaces more sophisticated. That opens a new door for brands - shaping customer experiences based on voice.
November 2018

How Voice Is Changing Marketing in 2018 and Beyond?

People are adding voice to their shopping routine, using voice assistants, voice search and smart speakers. Brands and marketers are looking for innovative ways to respond to these newly opened channels. And a lot is changing in marketing as we know it.
October 2018

Jak dobrze wykorzystywać funkcje Google Assistant w eCommerce?

Pełny asystent głosowy w Polsce? Od kilku miesięcy nie cichną informacje o przeprowadzonych testach polskojęzycznej wersji Google Assistant oraz o planowanym debiucie flagowego urządzenia głosowego Google w Polsce. Wraz z pojawieniem się szerszego
July 2018

Introducing VoiceCommerce.js

We're happy to announce the first version of our open-source tool for integrating eCommerce with voice-enable assistants. VoiceCommerce.js is a JavaScript library that makes it easy for developers to build Alexa Skills