Case Studies
June 2019

Case Study: Voice Assistant for a Fin-Tech Trading Platform

Digital voice assistants, whether they’re on a mobile phone or a home-based device, are changing the way people gather information, operate their lives, and communicate. When we look at the market, Finances
Case Studies
April 2019

Concept for Tchibo: Leveraging Voice Assistants in Sales and Customer Support

A lot of well-established retail and FMCG brands deal with the same problems. When you look at Tchibo, you'll see a big brand with established brick-and-mortar stores and offline distribution channels. On the
April 2019

5 Ways How Brands Can Create Voice Customer Experiences

The constraints made by the limitation of graphical interfaces slowly disappear while AI gets smarter and conversational interfaces more sophisticated. That opens a new door for brands - shaping customer experiences based on voice.
Voice User Interfaces
June 2018

We Designed Voice User Interface for StarCraft II - Here's What We Learned

If you look at the Alexa Skill store, you'll find plenty of games. Most of them are however either simple trivia games or text-based adventure games from the 70s ported into voice interface.
Amazon Alexa
May 2018

Case Study: Making Telecommuters' Workplaces Better with Harvest for Amazon Alexa

Almost every company requires their employees to track time. Maintaining time sheets can be a pain, but fortunately there are tools like Harvest. Harvest is an amazing tool, used by over 50,000