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Software Development
June 2019

What does iOS 13 mean for voice developers?

Looking at how the voice assistant space moves forward, there's one recurring question that everyone asks - what's going on with Siri? Is it going to catch up with Alexa and Google Assistant?
Case Studies
June 2019

Case Study: Product Dojo

Product Dojo is a space for professional and personal growth. Dedicated especially to product managers and leaders, but also product teams - designers, engineers and innovators, who want to be on a fast
Case Studies
April 2019

Concept for Tchibo: Leveraging Voice Assistants in Sales and Customer Support

A lot of well-established retail and FMCG brands deal with the same problems. When you look at Tchibo, you'll see a big brand with established brick-and-mortar stores and offline distribution channels. On the
July 2018

Introducing VoiceCommerce.js

We're happy to announce the first version of our open-source tool for integrating eCommerce with voice-enable assistants. VoiceCommerce.js is a JavaScript library that makes it easy for developers to build Alexa Skills
Software Development
July 2018

Building Amazon Alexa Skill for StarCraft II using Python and AWS Lambda

The rising adoption of Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant brings a lot of amazing possibilities for developers. I'm going to show you the basic concepts of building voice user interfaces and how to
Voice User Interfaces
June 2018

We Designed Voice User Interface for StarCraft II - Here's What We Learned

If you look at the Alexa Skill store, you'll find plenty of games. Most of them are however either simple trivia games or text-based adventure games from the 70s ported into voice interface.
Amazon Alexa
May 2018

How Your Brand Can Make Use of Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa became a part of many American families. Within a year of Amazon Echo's release it's now present in almost 10% of American households. With this number steadily growing, we'll soon see
November 2017

How Much Is Custom Software Project Going to Cost Me?

This is a second post in our "Basics of Custom Software Projects" series. I had this client conversation recently when I heard a bit of frustration about pricing software projects. When
November 2017

Should I Build an In-House Team or Hire an Agency?

Before you start building custom software for your company, you need to decide what's the best way of collaborating with developers. One of the questions that I've heard multiple times is whether someone