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July 2019

5 inspiring ways to use Voice Assistants in Banking

What do customers expect from Banks? The development of voice technologies makes them reach more and...
Case Studies
June 2019

Case Study: Voice Assistant for a Fin-Tech Trading Platform

If we look at the market, Finances is the industry amongst leaders of developing customer experience through voice-first technology....
April 2019

5 Ways How Brands Can Create Voice Customer Experiences

The constraints made by the limitation of graphical interfaces slowly disappear while AI gets smarter and conversational interfaces more sophisticated. That opens a new door for brands - shaping customer experiences based on voice....
November 2018

How Voice Is Changing Marketing in 2018 and Beyond?

People are adding voice to their shopping routine, using voice assistants, voice search and smart speakers. Brands and marketers are looking for innovative ways to respond to these newly opened channels. And a lot is changing in marketing as we know it....
November 2018

How Voice Technologies Are Shaping The Future Of Fashion Industry?

Voice assistants remember our name, personal details and allow users to customize scenes and skills. It gives customer access to brands through assistants they already use and creates more conscious way of shopping and growing brand awareness....
November 2018

Exploring the Future of Digital Transformation at PDD 2018

This was the fourth time when Cracow turned into the capital of innovation under the leading...