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October 2018

Jak dobrze wykorzystywać funkcje Google Assistant w eCommerce?

Pełny asystent głosowy w Polsce? Od kilku miesięcy nie cichną informacje o przeprowadzonych testach polskojęzycznej wersji Google Assistant oraz o planowanym debiucie flagowego urządzenia głosowego Google w Polsce. Wraz z pojawieniem się szerszego
Amazon Alexa
July 2018

4 Alexa Skills That Really Make Sense For Businesses

Smartspeakers are quickly gaining on popularity and businesses start to notice that. Every single week there are more great applications entering Alexa Skills market. Let's take a look at four great Amazon Alexa Skills from four different industries to see what makes them successful.
Voice User Interfaces
June 2018

Podcast: Friends, Romans, Machines listen to my voice!

Last week, our co-founder Rafal Cymerys was invited to join Bloc Thinking Podcast with two amazing hosts: Werner Puchert and Jonathan Gall. Listen to their conversation that covers a number of topics including:
Amazon Alexa
May 2018

Case Study: Making Telecommuters' Workplaces Better with Harvest for Amazon Alexa

Almost every company requires their employees to track time. Maintaining time sheets can be a pain, but fortunately there are tools like Harvest. Harvest is an amazing tool, used by over 50,000
Amazon Alexa
May 2018

Kids Love Interacting with Amazon Alexa. What Does It Mean for Ed-Tech Industry?

For years, kids were fascinated with TV. This large box, full of lights, colors and sounds was enough to grab their attention, giving parents some time to relax. For many children it was